Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Background of the Company II

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:: Background of the Company ::

( The Organization Identification )

Medicmesir ( Campuscity Management ) also provides " Medicmesir Loan " to help students that could not afford and want to pursue their studies in the medical field

Terms & conditions of the loan applications are :
a) students must qualify in terms of the SPM
b) total parents income does not exceed RM5000
c) two sureties that is not among siblings needed

University fees are based on the program that taken in selected universities. For the first year of study, university fees will be solely borne by the students' parents

For the first year in medical field for the University of Ainsham and Alexandria are 8000 USD (RM 25,600) per year

For Mansoura University, Zagazig University, Al-Azhar University and Tanta University tuition fees amounting to 2000 USD which is around RM6400 for the first year only

While for the dental program for Alexandria University, Mansoura University and Tanta University is at 8000 USD within surrounding RM25, 600 for the first year to the fifth year

For Al-Azhar University, the tuition fees are as much 2000 USD within surrounding RM6400 for the first year only

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Background of the Company I

My Internship Report <((((((((((((((((◕‿◕)⊰

:: Background of the Company ::

( The Organization Identification )

This company is one of the agencies that send SPM school leavers or students who qualify to pursue their studies in medicine, dentistry or pharmacy

It is recognized by the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education ( Kementerian Pelajaran Tinggi Malaysia ) to send students to Egypt

The first batch that was sent by the company is only to Mansoura University with 100 students only

Now, the company has successfully expanded its business by sending the students to seven different universities

Seven university that are recognized by the Department of Public Service ( Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam ) are :
a) Alexandria University
b) Tanta University
c) Mansoura University
d) Al-Azhar University
e) Ainsham University
f) Cairo University
g) Zagazig University

In future, the company would like to expand its business to send students to other countries like Australia, Jordan and India

The company's main roles :
a) to produce Muslim doctors in Malaysian
b) help students who are interested in the medical field
c) responsible in assisting students in the education until succeed


The company was established in 2005 by Mrs. Haniza binti Mohd Nazri located in :

No. 17-1, Jalan Equine 9A,
Taman Equine,
Bandar Putra Permai,
43300 Seri Kembangan,
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Company has also sent eight group of students each year to every university - field of medicine, dentistry and pharmacy

The duration for medical program is six years and suggested universities are :
a) Alexandria University
b) Ainsham University
c) Cairo University
d) Al-Azhar University
e) Mansoura University
f) Tanta University
g) Zagazig University

For dental program, the duration is only five years. The universities are :
a) Al-Azhar University
b) Tanta University
c) Alexandria University
d) Mansoura University

Pharmacy program also took five-years period but only three universities available
namely :
a) Zagazig University
b) Mansoura University
c) Alexandria University
Company will only send SPM school leavers who are eligible to Egypt according to conditions of specified results

The SPM minimum requirements are at least grade B or B4 in eight subjects:
a) Biology
b) Physics
c) Chemistry
d) Additional Mathematics
e) Mathematics
f) Bahasa Malaysia
g) Bahasa Inggeris
h) History

In addition, this company also did not accept any results other than SPM, for example Matriculation, Science Foundation, O-Levels or any other form of study program

This is because the entry requirements are evaluated based on SPM

Monday, February 25, 2013

A Day-to-day Diary ( 40 )

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:: Day 40 ::

( 26th of February 2013 )

Today is my last day. I update my files for the past two months to ease other employees' related work in the office later

I also taught and inform the scope of work that I took over to them. Before I go home, I update the company's expenses and students' results that I received through mail

A Day-to-day Diary ( 39 )

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:: Day 39 ::

( 25th of February 2013 )

Today I did not go to work because of diarrhoea. I was advised by the doctor to get some rest at home. I got a medical leave for one day only

A Day-to-day Diary ( 38 )

My Internship Report <((((((((((((((((◕‿◕)⊰

:: Day 38 ::

( 23th of February 2013 )

This week is my last week working outside the office. Since we are asked by the employer to attend the students enrollment briefing for year 2013.

We arrived at UPM medical faculty sharply at 9 am to set up the banners. This banner is to inform the venue of registration for those who wish to attend the briefing

The picture above shows three banners that have been erected to mark the directions to the lecture hall which was used as a briefing. This lecture hall is occupied every Saturday

Obviously we can see that this banner describe the learning environment in Egypt. Students from Medicmesir sponsorship seems happy to study there

We also provide a number of seats to facilitate the process of filling registration form before they enter the briefing hall

These are my best colleagues in Medicmesir company :)

A Day-to-day Diary ( 37 )

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:: Day 37 ::

( 22th of February 2013 )

Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Day-to-day Diary ( 36 )

My Internship Report <((((((((((((((((◕‿◕)⊰

:: Day 36 ::

( 21th of February 2013 )

Luckily, today i received only few new documents to be recorded :) The last date for this sponsorship appeal has ended and I can send the final data straight to my boss

After log in into my company email account, I am so happy when i read an email from a student. She feel so delighted as I am still receiving her documents although she's submitted her documents late to me

Today I received a new task which requires me to make a call to Kajang and Shah Alam Municipal Council - asking matters regarding banner or bunting that my company wants to hung on the light poles

A Day-to-day Diary ( 35 )

My Internship Report <((((((((((((((((◕‿◕)⊰

:: Day 35 ::

( 20th of February 2013 )

Continue working on related sponsorship appeal from students that applied MARA or JPA loan

Later, my work is to check the database from on-line forms that are obtained from the company's website. I need to make sure, all of them ( those who have filled out the on-line form ) have send their results to me

Lastly, i need to update my company expenses to make sure it is track-able.

A Day-to-day Diary ( 34 )

My Internship Report <((((((((((((((((◕‿◕)⊰

:: Day 34 ::

( 19th of February 2013 )

Tasks to be settled today : I need to transfer the information on the new applications name with their real SPM results into excel form. However, i just need to key in the important subjects only. There are 8 important subjects, which are :
a. Biology
b. Physics
c. Chemistry
d. Additional Mathematics
e. Mathematics
f. Bahasa Malaysia
g. Bahasa Inggeris
h. History

The picture below.. shows how i do the work :)

Since i am still receiving new attachments from students in Egypt via my email, so i need to key in all of their results respectively. By using excel, we will feel easier to find the data in short time

After that, i need to keep track the company's expenses in file and record it. i am also required to do filling work for all the memorandum letters, by keeping the documents in the safe place so we will be able to find them easily and quickly

Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Day-to-day Diary ( 33 )

My Internship Report <((((((((((((((((◕‿◕)⊰

:: Day 33 ::

( 18th of February 2013 )

I continue recording the students' results even though application deadline has ended. I still accept the applications since my boss did not mention anything about it 

Then, I do filling for each bank slips that I received from staff. this is a way to facilitate the process of tracking money that flows into the company's accounts

A Day-to-day Diary ( 32 )

My Internship Report <((((((((((((((((◕‿◕)⊰

:: Day 32 ::

( 16th of February 2013 )

Updating the company expenses for today and yesterday

After that, i completed the task which is done once a month - check monthly (January) bank statements

A Day-to-day Diary ( 31 )

My Internship Report <((((((((((((((((◕‿◕)⊰

:: Day 31 ::

( 15th of February 2013 )

Today my job scope is slightly different than the other days. I had to email in the form of notification to the students who have attended the briefing at the UPM - follow us on facebook. This is done to make sure they know what they should do after this

Then, continue recording new documents that I received early morning

Then i need to check whether the new application is complete or not, so we can inform the new students to send documents that have not been sent and not completed

A Day-to-day Diary ( 30 )

My Internship Report <((((((((((((((((◕‿◕)⊰

:: Day 30 ::

( 14th of February 2013 )

Task for today : Continue recording all of the students' results

And update the company's expenses :) as usual, completing my daily work routine...

A Day-to-day Diary ( 29 )

My Internship Report <((((((((((((((((◕‿◕)⊰

:: Day 29 ::

( 13th of February 2013 )

I continue key in all the students' results in the excel form for the sponsorship appeal

And this is when I had to answer allncoming calls regarding sponsorship appeal cases

A Day-to-day Diary ( 28 )

My Internship Report <((((((((((((((((◕‿◕)⊰

:: Day 28 ::

( 9th of February 2013 )

Today, MedicMesir's staffs and i had to work outside the office. We were instructed to handle  briefing that was held at the Universiti Putra Malaysia faculty from 9.00 am until 2.30 pm

We are also required to wear this coat as a sign of company's staff

I felt  shocked when my name is listed in the info book that was provided for guests who attended the briefing

Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Day-to-day Diary ( 27 )

My Internship Report <((((((((((((((((◕‿◕)⊰

:: Day 27 ::

( 8th of February 2013 )

Today my boss called the company and direct us to search for the company's advertisements that has been advertised in several newspapers

This is the newspaper clip from Metro regarding date and place of briefings that will be carried out this month

Today I completed the new documents that were sent to my email. I also had to make sure every email that was sent to me must be replied, as a sign that I received all of the documents (。●́‿●̀。)

A Day-to-day Diary ( 26 )

My Internship Report <((((((((((((((((◕‿◕)⊰

:: Day 26 ::

( 7th of February 2013 )

Upon arriving to office, I was surprised to see that my name and email address are at the company's website

From today onwards, I will be handling the appeal sponsorship for students in Egypt. This application is for the second year students who did not receive any sponsorship from any party. My job is to collect all of the data and send to MARA or JPA later

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